Rock 'n' Roll - Rockabilly - Psychobilly chart April 2019

1 : Hillbilly Moon Explosion : The Sparky Sessions
A complete album of duets with Hillbilly Moon Explosion and Mark ‘Sparky’ Phillips of Demented Are Go.
2: Lee Rocker : The Low Road
Double CD/DVD set with the original Stray Cat and his band rockin' through a storming set of the most important songs of his 40 year career.
3: Billy Crash Craddock : Boom Boom Billy
29 track collection anthologizing his early Rock 'n' Roll career from 1957 to 1961, featuring his original 45s amd collectors' rarities.
4: Clint Bradley : Soul Of The West
Solo album from the Blue Cats frontman consists entirely of his own songs influenced by his passion for Western music.
5: Danny & The Juniors : Back At The Hop
Unfairly regarded one hit wonder, this 32 track collection includes all nine of their Hot 100 chart entries between 1957 and 1962.
6: Screamin' Rebel Angels : Heel Grinder
Fast, loud, full throttle rock 'n' roll attack - but then it also purrs and whispers thoughts you’ve never dared think. Unrelenting, high-energy & incendiary.
7: The Retrobaits : All Systems Go
UK trio The Retrobaits successfully mix many styles of vintage rock 'n' roll, their originality and diversity setting them one step ahead of the pack.
8: John Lewis : Where Would Rock 'n' Roll Be?
After 33 years pure rockin', this new album captures the true rockin' spirit of John Lewis with 13 tracks of top quality rockin' music - John Lewis style!
9: Jack Rabbit Slim - Live At The Hoochie Coochie Club
One of the most popular rockabilly bands of recent years with a great live performance captured with excellent sound quality.
10: Johnny Kidd & The Pirates : Quivers Down The Backbone
33 tracks from one of Britain's greatest rockers including the A&B sides of their singles from 1959 to 1962, plus a whole bunch of collectors' rarities.
11: Ronnie Self : Ain't I'm A Dog
One of the true 1950s rockabilly greats, this collection of his greatest recordings will generate a fresh wave of admiration for these stellar rockin' sides.
12: Jets : 40 Rockin' Years
Unreleased gems and rarities from 1979 through to 2019 by one of the most successful rockin' rockabilly bands to come out of the UK.
13: Rebel Dean : Rock 'n' Roll Heart
New album with lots of originals from one of the stars of the Rock 'n' Roll scene, Rebel Dene and his Star Cats - featuring PJ Proby.
14: Marvin Rainwater : Essential Recordings
Double disc set with 40 original recordings from the multi-talented Rockabilly Country singer who scored a string of hits in the late 1950s.
15: Reverend Horton Heat : Whole New Life
Brand new studio album from The Rev - one of America's hardest working, hardest rockin' bands.
16: Cactus Blossoms - Easy Way
Minneapolis-based blood harmony brother duo The Cactus Blossoms return with Easy Way, a brand new album of all original songs.
17: Million Dollar Tones : That's Right
7 piece band combining rockin' rhythm 'n' blues and 1950s black rock 'n' roll with New Orleans flavour into a gorgeous package.
18: Delta 88 : Firefly
Primitive '50's rockin' beats fused with a more contemporary edge to create an catchy and danceable rockabilly style.
19: Andy Starr : Rockin' Rollin' Stone
22 tracks - finest '50s rockabilly including "Rockin' Rollin' Stone", "She's A Going Jessie", "Dig Them Squeaky Shoes", "Give Me A Woman" etc
20: Sam Price - Rockin’ The Joint
25 tracks of rockin' rhythm and blues, featuring guitarist Mickey Baker and sax-man King Curtis - a must have for fans of Blues, R&B and Rock 'n' Roll.
21: Wynn Stewart - Heartaches for a Dime
26 track collection featuring the A and B of every solo single that Wynn Stewart released between 1956 and 1962.
22: Dale Watson - Call Me Lucky
A fixture of the Austin, Texas music scene, Watson has a new base in Tennessee and recorded Call Me Lucky at Sam Phillips Recording studio in Memphis.
23: Sandy Ford's Flying Saucers : Out Of The Blue
Bona fide British Teddyboy Rock 'n' Roll legend presents 27 solid rockers and stompers, mixing together rockin' originals with vintage classics.
24: Warner Mack - Return of the Mack 
32 tracks covering his early career, featuring his 1950s singles along with two complete albums that recorded in 1961 and 1962 on CD for the first time.
25: Various Artists - R&B Queens of New Orleans
32 original recordings from New Orleans Rhythm & Blues Queens Irma Thomas, Katie Webster, Barbaba George and Barbara Lynn.

The Hillbilly Moon Explosion's new release "The Sparky Sessions" is a complete album of duets with Mark ‘Sparky’ Phillips, frontman of psychobilly band Demented Are Go. It comprises mostly of brand new songs, although also features their four previous collaborations including the YouTube multi-million hits "Jackson" and "My Love For Evermore". The Hillbilly Moon Explosion is a modern rock’n’roll band with six albums under their belt. They tour the world with their authentic take on the roots of the wide genre of rock. The line-up comprises of two Englishmen abroad – Oliver Baroni (double bass & vocals) and Duncan James (guitar), French drummer Sylvain Pettitte, and their captivating Italian/Swiss chanteuse, Emanuela Hutter.
Building on their live gigs, in recent years they’ve become an online and vinyl phenomenon, with tens of millions of Youtube hits – in particular on their distinctive duets with Sparky.
Long before his hugely successful career as a Country artist with a run of forty hits on the US Country charts, Billy 'Crash' Craddock from North Carolina was a teenage Rockabilly and Rock 'n' Roll star. Between 1957 and 1961 he cut around a dozen great 45s for a variety of labels, all of which have long since become sought-after collectors' rarities. Several of these were US regional hits, and some were covered internationally, for example Adam Faith recorded "Ah Poor Little Baby" and Johnny Kidd covered "I Want That" in the UK. In an unlikely turn of events he became a massive star in Australia during 1960-61, registering two No.1 records - "Boom Boom Baby" and "One Last Kiss", along with another half-dozen Aussie hits. "Boom Boom Billy" is a 29 track collection which anthologizes Crash's early Rock 'n' Roll career from 1957 to 1961. It features all of his Australian hits, a couple of which were never released in the USA, along with a handful of other collectors' rarities which have never previously appeared on CD.
Rock 'n' Roll vocal group Danny & The Juniors from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania are often unfairly labelled one hit wonders, but the 32 track collection "Back At The Hop" shows that they clearly were not. They actually scored a total of nine Hot 100 chart entries between 1957 and 1962. "At The Hop" was the first US No.1 single of 1958 and stayed on top of the Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks. It also reached No.1 on the R&B charts, No.3 in the UK, and was a hit pretty much everywhere in the world. Other hits include the equally anthemic "Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay" which was a top 20 hit in 1958, "Dottie" which reached the top 40 the same year, and "Twistin' USA" which broke into the top 30 in 1960. "Back At The Hop" includes all of their US chart hits and several rarer tracks which are also superb examples of their affinity with the doowop sound.
Other new entries in this months chart come from current Rock 'n' Roll scene stars John Lewis and Rebel Dean, vintage Country-Rockabillies Warner Mack and Wynn Stewart, British Rock 'n' Roll legend Johnny Kidd, and some fantastic rockin' rhythm & blues from Sam Price which features '50s guitar ace Mickey Baker and sax-blaster King Curtis.