Burn Your Playhouse Down 7" Single (vinyl)

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The Blackjacks
Burn Your Playhouse Down 7" single (vinyl)

A fantastic vinyl release from young UK rockabilly band The Blackjacks.
Burn Your Playhouse Down was originally recorded by George Jones at Starday studios in the mid 1950s, but lay unreleased until 1979 when it was issued by on the excellent White Lightning LP.
It’s a long-overlooked track that The Blackjacks have resurrected and given a complete rockin' make-over.
The flip side of this killer double sider features the hugely catchy Cool Grooves, a Blackjacks original with cleverly crafted lyrics with a great beat - sure to become an anthem for non-conformists.

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Disc 1
  1. Burn Your Playhouse Down • The Blackjacks
  2. Cool Grooves • The Blackjacks