Let The Little Girl Dance CD

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Billy Bland
Let The Little Girl Dance CD

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Here are 32 original recording tracks by the great 1950s star, Billy Bland who began his career in the vocal group The Bees.
It’s The Bees who open the collection with Toy Bell which is the original version of Chuck Berry’s biggest hit My Ding-A-Ling.
Billy's big hit record was Let The Little Girl Dance which was an American top 10 and British top 20 hit in 1960.
Despite never having another hit of that magnitude he did chart on several other occasions with You Were Born to be Loved, Pardon Me, Harmony, My Heart’s on Fire, Can’t Stop Her From Dancing and Do The Bug With Me which are all featured here.

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Disc 1
  1. Toy Bell
  2. Snatchin’ Back
  3. I Want To Be Loved
  4. Get Away Baby
  5. Chicken In Basket
  6. The Fat Man
  7. Oh You For Me
  8. Chicken Hop
  9. If I Could Be Your Man
  10. I Had A Dream
  11. Grandmaw Gave A Party
  12. What's That?
  13. Let The Little Girl Dance
  14. Sweet Thing
  15. You Were Born To Be Loved
  16. Pardon Me
  17. Make Believe Lover
  18. Harmony
  19. Everything That Shines Ain’t Gold
  20. Keep Talkin’ That Sweet Talk
  21. Steady Kind
  22. I Cross My Heart
  23. My Heart’s On Fire
  24. Can’t Stop Her From Dancing
  25. Uncle Bud
  26. Do The Bug With Me
  27. Busy Little Boy
  28. All I Want To Do Is Cry
  29. I Spend My Life Loving You
  30. Momma Stole The Chicken
  31. Darling Won’t You Think Of Me
  32. How Many Hearts