What A Dream It's Been CD

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Big Sandy and his Flyrite Boys
What A Dream It's Been CD

Big Sandy marks 25 years of all things roots, retro and rockin' with this excellent career overview - with a difference.
The track titles may sound familiar to long-time fans, but all of these songs have been reworked, rearranged and re-recorded for this anniversary release.
Not only is this an acoustic album, but the styles of the songs of switched around so there are plenty of surprises here.
On first play, maybe this isn't what you're expecting - but after two or three spins this will quite possibly become your favourite Big Sandy album.

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Disc 1
  1. Baby Baby Me
  2. This Ain't a Good Time
  3. Missouri Gal
  4. Don't Desert Me
  5. Nothing To Lose
  6. Glad When I'm Gone
  7. Parts Unknown
  8. You Mean Too Much To Me
  9. I Know I've Loved You Before
  10. Three Years Blind
  11. If I Knew Now What I Knew Then
  12. What a Dream It's Been