Your Line Was Busy CD

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Big Bob Kornegay
Your Line Was Busy CD

A collection of 30 rockers, blues and ballads from the mystery man of Rhythm & Blues.
There is very little biographical information about Bob Kornegay despite his presence in several important vocal groups.
He also had a solo career which despite never resulting in a chart hit included two very important recordings - The Man in the Phone Booth and the frantic rock 'n' roll record Your Line Was Busy both of which are included here.
This is the first time Big Bob Kornegay's music has been compiled together in one collection.
It follows his career from the opening blues recordings to his appearances in various vocal groups such as The Ravens and The Du Droppers before a selection of solo Rock & Roll cuts.
An essential addition for collectors of obscure rhythm & blues and rock 'n' roll.

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Disc 1
  1. Can't Understand It
  2. This Is The Day
  3. Take Me Baby
  4. I Found Out What You Do When You Go Round There
  5. Just Whisper
  6. I'm Not Like I Used To Be
  7. Give Me Some Consideration
  8. Let Me Love Love You
  9. Stop Knockin' Rock 'n' Roll
  10. Between You and Me and The Gatepost
  11. Is It True?
  12. I Can't Believe
  13. Bacon Fat
  14. Bad Boy
  15. I Wanna See My Lovin' Baby
  16. Everything's Cool
  17. The Man In The Phone Booth
  18. The Man In The Phone Booth
  19. Hocus Pocus Voo Doo
  20. Come By Here
  21. Stay With Me Baby
  22. Humdinger
  23. Two Old Sparrows
  24. Whoa Bessie
  25. At The House Of Frankenstein
  26. The Fiesta Rock'n Roll
  27. Exposition Rock
  28. Hey Mary Lou
  29. What Am I
  30. Your Line Was Busy