Masks Megaphones & Mayhem CD

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Bastard Sons Of Cavan
Masks Megaphones and Mayhem CD

Booze-fueled Psycho Rockabilly Trash mayhem, held together by the power of Vodka and Redbull.
Not for the feint hearted or the easily offended.

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Disc 1
  1. Jack’s Outta The Box
  2. One Bad Habit
  3. Fucked Up Again
  4. Down and Out Twice As Mean
  5. Shit Shower and Shave
  6. Don’t Blame The Devil
  7. Human Dynamo
  8. Blessed By Demons
  9. Tattoo Party
  10. Teen-O-Cide
  11. My Girls Possessed by Johnny Ramone
  12. Little Wino’s Date With Death
  13. Mutant Ted