Getting Better All The Time CD (digipak)

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Barbara Pittman
Getting Better All The Time CD

Getting Better All the Time gathers Barbara Pittman's recordings for Sun Records and Phillips International - including her classic rockabilly cuts I Need a Man, Sentimental Fool, Everlasting Love and Getting Better All The Time.
Also included are both sides of a single she recorded with a vocal group as The Sunrays, along with several alternate takes and demos.
27 original recordings neatly presented in a digipak style case.

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Disc 1
  1. I Need A Man
  2. No Matter Who's To Blame
  3. Sentimental Fool
  4. Voice Of A Fool
  5. Two Young Fools In Love
  6. I'm Getting Better All The Time
  7. Take My Sympathy
  8. Cold Cold Heart
  9. Everlasting Love
  10. Eleventh Commandment
  11. Handsome Man
  12. Just One Day
  13. Love Is A Stranger
  14. The Lonely Hours
  15. I Forgot To Remember To Forget