Blues From Detroit 1949-1954 CD

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Baby Boy Warren / L.C. Green
Blues From Detroit 1949-1954 CD

In the 1940s and '50s, Detroit's vibrant Blues scene was largely catered for by a handful of independent record labels.
This colccection features two of Detroit’s perhaps lesser-known lights, who nonetheless recorded excellent bodies of work.
Singer/guitarist Robert Henry “Baby Boy” Warren arrived in Detroit in 1944 from Louisiana, via Memphis, and became a popular club performer without ever giving up his day job.
Warren’s down-home styled sides appeared on labels like Staff, Sampson, Blue Lake, Drummond and producer Joe Von Battle’s J-V-B record labels.
Singer/guitarist L.C. Green, originally from Mississippi, was one of Detroit’s more obscure artists, despite playing in a style reminiscent to that of Detroit’s Main Man, John Lee Hooker.
Green’s sides were also recorded by Joe Von Battle, several of which were licensed to Dot Records for national distribution.

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Disc 1
  1. My Special Friend Blues - Baby Boy Warren
  2. Nervy Woman Blues - Baby Boy Warren
  3. Lonesome Cabin Blues - Baby Boy Warren
  4. Don't Want No Skinny Woman - Baby Boy Warren
  5. Forgive Me Darling - Baby Boy Warren
  6. Please Don't Think I'm Nosey - Baby Boy Warren
  7. I Got Lucky - Baby Boy Warren
  8. Let's Renew Our Love - Baby Boy Warren
  9. Taxi Driver - Baby Boy Warren
  10. Bad Lover Blues - Baby Boy Warren
  11. Sanafee - Baby Boy Warren
  12. Hello Stranger - Baby Boy Warren
  13. Chicken - Baby Boy Warren
  14. Baby Boy Blues - Baby Boy Warren
  15. Mattie Mae - Baby Boy Warren
  16. Santa Fe - Baby Boy Warren
  17. Somebody Put Bad Luck On Me - Baby Boy Warren
  18. Stop Breakin' Down - Baby Boy Warren
  19. Come Back Sugar Mama - L.C. Green
  20. Little Machine - L.C. Green
  21. When the Sun is Shining - L.C. Green
  22. Hold Me In Your Arms - L.C. Green
  23. Little School Girl - L.C. Green
  24. Remember Way Back - L.C. Green
  25. .38 Pistol Blues - L.C. Green
  26. Mary Ann Blues - L.C. Green
  27. Going Down To the River Blues - L.C. Green
  28. Hastings Street Boogie - L.C. Green