21st Century Time Machine CD

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The Stringbeans
21st Century Time Machine CD

Since the mid 1980s The Stringbeans have been pumping out top-notch Neo-Rockabilly.
21st Century Time Machine is a 17 track collection which doubles up as both a new album and a Best Of - combining highlights of their career with some excellent new cuts.
Hard rockin' Power-Rockabilly led by excellent guitar playing, and powered along by thumpin' upright-bass and drums.

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Disc 1
  1. Talking Head
  2. 21st Century Time Machine
  3. My Eastern Car
  4. Madhouse Baby
  5. Great Swindle Thing
  6. Psychoville
  7. High Heels On
  8. Whining Song
  9. Let's Make A Deal
  10. Lost In The City
  11. To Outer Space
  12. String Along
  13. Bean Bag
  14. Beaufont Lady
  15. Safe Sex Girl
  16. Metamorphasis
  17. Smell Of Kat