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    The Stax Story 1958-1962 4-CD set

    Four disc set presenting the early releases on the legendary Stax Records label.
    This set presents recording dating from the Rock 'n' Roll era - 1958 and 1962 - before the label went on to it's huge success later in the '60s.
    Featured artists include Don Willis, Ray Scott, The Vel-Tones, The Chips, The Mar-Keys, Hoyt Johnson, Macy Skipper and many others.


    • 1Fred Byler & The Tunetts - Blue Roses
    • 2Fred Byler & The Tunetts -Give Me Your Love
    • 3Don Willis -Boppin' High School Baby
    • 4Don Willis -Warrior Sam
    • 5Donna Rae & The Sunbeams -Whisper Your Love
    • 6Donna Rae & The Sunbeams -Little Fool
    • 7Ray Scott & The Demens -You Drive Me Crazy
    • 8Ray Scott & The Demens -Say Anything But Not Goodbye
    • 9The Vel-Tones -Fool In Love
    • 10The Vel-Tones -Someday
    • 11Charles Heinz -Prove Your Love
    • 12Charles Heinz -Destiny
    • 13Carla & Rufus -'Cause I Love You
    • 14Carla & Rufus -Deep Down Inside
    • 15Charles Heinz -Suddenly
    • 16Charles Heinz -Nobody Cares
    • 17Carla Thomas -Gee Whiz
    • 18Carla Thomas -For You
    • 19The Chips -As You Can See
    • 20The Chips -You Make Me Feel So Good
    • 21Jimmy & The Spartans -You'Re My Girl
    • 22Jimmy & The Spartans -Why Doesn't She Notice Me
    • 1The Mar-Keys -Last Night
    • 2The Mar-Keys -Night Before
    • 3Prince Conley -I'm Goin' Home
    • 4Prince Conley -All The Way
    • 5Nick Charles -The Right Girl
    • 6Nick Charles -Ain't That Love
    • 7Hoyt Johnson -I Just Can't Learn To Say Goodbye
    • 8Hoyt Johnson -Cindy
    • 9Barbara Stephens -The Life I Live
    • 10Barbara Stephens -I Don't Worry
    • 11The Mar-Keys -Morning After
    • 12The Mar-Keys -Diana
    • 13The Mar-Keys -About Noon
    • 14The Mar-Keys -Sack-O-Woe
    • 15The Mar-Keys -Foxy
    • 16The Mar-Keys -One Degree North
    • 17William Bell -You Don't Miss Your Water
    • 18William Bell -Formula Of Love
    • 19Macy Skipper -Goofin' Off
    • 20Barbara Stephens -Wait A Minute
    • 21Barbara Stephens -Love Is Like A Flower
    • 22Nick Charles -Sunday Jealous
    • 23Barbara Stephens -That's The Way It Is With Me
    • 24Barbara Stephens -If She Should Ever Break Your Heart
    • 1The Mar-Keys -Popeye Stroll
    • 2The Mar-Keys -Po-Dunk
    • 3Nick Charles -The Three Dogwoods
    • 4The Canes -Why Should I Suffer With The Blues
    • 5The Canes -I'll Never Give Her Up
    • 6The Mar-Keys -What's Happenin'
    • 7The Mar-Keys -You Got It
    • 8The Del-Rios -Just Across The Street
    • 9The Del-Rios -There's A Love
    • 10Rufus Thomas -Can't Ever Let You Go
    • 11Rufus Thomas -It's Aw'rite
    • 12William Bell -Any Other Way
    • 13William Bell -Please Help Me I'm Falling
    • 14The Mar-Keys -Sailor Man Waltz
    • 15The Triumphs -Burnt Biscuits
    • 16The Triumphs -Raw Dough
    • 17The Tonettes -No Tears
    • 18The Tonettes -Please Don't Go
    • 19Otis Redding -These Arms Of Mine
    • 20Otis Redding -Hey Hey Baby
    • 1Booker T & The MG's - Green Onions
    • 2Booker T & The MG's - Rinky-Dink
    • 3Booker T & The MG's - I Got A Woman
    • 4Booker T & The MG's - Mo' Onions
    • 5Booker T & The MG's - Twist and Shout
    • 6Booker T & The MG's - Behave Yourself
    • 7Booker T & The MG's - Stranger On The Shore
    • 8Booker T & The MG's - Lonely Avenue
    • 9Booker T & The MG's - One Who Really Loves You
    • 10Booker T & The MG's - You Can't Sit Down
    • 11Booker T & The MG's - A Woman A Lover A Friend
    • 12Booker T & The MG's - Comin' Home Baby
    • 13Gus Cannon - Narration
    • 14Gus Cannon - Kill It
    • 15Gus Cannon - Walk Right In
    • 16Gus Cannon - Salty Dog
    • 17Gus Cannon - Going Around The Mountain
    • 18Gus Cannon - Ol' Hen
    • 19Gus Cannon - Gonna Raise A Ruckus Tonight
    • 20Gus Cannon - Ain't Gonna Rain No More
    • 21Gus Cannon - Boll-Weevil
    • 22Gus Cannon - Come On Down To My House
    • 23Gus Cannon - Make Me A Pallet On Your Floor
    • 24Gus Cannon - Get Up In The Morning Soon
    • 25Gus Cannon - Crawdad Hole

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