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    Lefty Frizzell
    Three Classic Albums Plus Singles (4CD)

    Four disc set gathering the classic early Lefty Frizzell recordings from 1951 through to 1962.
    Disc 1 includes the album Songs Of Jimmie Rodgers (1951) plus bonus non-album singles from 1951 to 1953.
    Disc 2 includes the album Listen To Lefty (1952) plus bonus non-album singles from 1953 to 1955.
    Disc 3 includes the album The One And Only Lefty Frizzell (1959) plus bonus non-album singles from 1955 and 1956.
    Disc 4 includes non-album singles from 1958 to 1962.
    Original recordings digitally remastered for premium sound quality.


    • 1Blue Yodel No.2
    • 2Treasure Untold
    • 3Brakeman's Blues
    • 4My Old Pal
    • 5Blue Yodel No.6
    • 6Travelin' Blues
    • 7My Rough and Rowdy Ways
    • 8Lullaby Yodel
    • 9Shine Shave Shower
    • 10My Baby's Just Like Money
    • 11Give Me More More More
    • 12How Long Will It Take?
    • 13You're Here So Everything's Alright
    • 14Forever and Always
    • 15I Know You're Lonesome
    • 16I'm an Old Old Man
    • 17You're Just Mine
    • 18Time Changes Things
    • 19Bring Your Sweet Self Back to me
    • 20Never No Mo' Blues
    • 21Sleep Baby Sleep
    • 22California Blue
    • 23Lonely and Blue
    • 24We Crucified our Jesus
    • 25When It Comes To Measuring Love
    • 1If you've got the money I've got the time
    • 2I want to be with you always
    • 3Always Late
    • 4Don't stay away
    • 5If you can spare the time
    • 6Mom and Dad's waltz
    • 7I love you a thousand ways
    • 8Look what thoughts will do
    • 9Before you go make sure you know
    • 10Two friends of mine in love
    • 11Hopeless love
    • 12Then i'll come back to you
    • 13Run 'em off
    • 14The darkest moment
    • 15My little her and him
    • 16I've been away to long
    • 17A king without a queen
    • 18You can always count on me
    • 19You're too late
    • 20Two hearts broken now
    • 21I love you mostly
    • 22Mama
    • 23Making believe
    • 24A forest fire
    • 25Moonlight darling and you
    • 26I'll sit alone and cry
    • 1If you've got the money I've got the time
    • 2Mom and Dad's waltz
    • 3Signed sealed and delivered
    • 4Nobody knows but me
    • 5Release me
    • 6Why should I be lonely?
    • 7Always late
    • 8I love you a thousand ways
    • 9My bucket's got a hole in it
    • 10Is it only that you're lonely?
    • 11I want to be with you always
    • 12If you're ever lonely darling
    • 13Sweet lies
    • 14Lost between right and wrong
    • 15Your tomorrow's will never come
    • 16It gets late so early
    • 17First to have a second chance
    • 18These hands
    • 19Promises promises promises
    • 20Today is that tomorrow
    • 21The waltz of the angels
    • 22Just can't live that fast
    • 23Heart's highway
    • 24I'm a boy left alone
    • 25Lullaby waltz
    • 26Glad I found you
    • 1Now that you are gone
    • 2From an angel to a devil
    • 3Lover by appointment
    • 4Sick sober and sorry
    • 5No one to talk to but the blues
    • 6Tell me dear
    • 7Time out for the blues
    • 8Silence
    • 9The torch within my heart
    • 10Cigarettes and coffee blues
    • 11You're humbuggin' me
    • 12The long black veil
    • 13Knock again, true love
    • 14Farther than my eyes can see
    • 15Ballad of the blue and grey
    • 16My blues will pass
    • 17She's gone
    • 18What you gonna do, Leroy?
    • 19That's all I can remember
    • 20Heaven's plan
    • 21Looking for you
    • 22I feel sorry for me
    • 23So what let it rain
    • 24Stranger
    • 25Just passing through

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