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    Johnny Cash
    The Outtakes (3-CD Boxed Set)

    3-CD set featuring every known Johnny Cash Sun Records studio outtake, including many previously unreleased tracks.
    This is the opportunity for all Cash fans and collectors to experience the the different takes and to see how the songs developed in the studio.
    The recordings are presented in chronological order, so that differences with the master recordings are clear.
    Focus is on the period from 1955 to 1958, which is the highlight of his early years.
    The accompanying 100-page book contains never before seen photographs from a fishing trip with his friend Johnny Horton, annotations from the original tape boxes, and detailed liner notes.


    • 1Wide Open Road
    • 2You're My Baby
    • 3My Treasure
    • 4Hey Porter
    • 5Folsom Prison Blues
    • 6Folsom Prison Blues
    • 7Folsom Prison Blues
    • 8Folsom Prison Blues
    • 9Wide Open Road
    • 10My Two Timin' Woman
    • 11Cry Cry Cry
    • 12Rock and Roll Ruby
    • 13I Walk The Line
    • 14Brakeman's Blues
    • 15Get Rhythm
    • 16Get Rhythm
    • 17Get Rhythm
    • 18Get Rhythm
    • 19Train Of Love
    • 20Train Of Love
    • 21One More Ride
    • 22I Love You Because
    • 23Don't Make Me Go
    • 24Don't Make Me Go
    • 25Don't Make Me Go
    • 26Don't Make Me Go
    • 27Don't Make Me Go
    • 28Don't Make Me Go
    • 29Don't Make Me Go
    • 30Don't Make Me Go
    • 31Don't Make Me Go
    • 32Don't Make Me Go
    • 33Don't Make Me Go
    • 34Home Of The Blues
    • 35Give My Love To Rose
    • 36Give My Love To Rose
    • 37Give My Love To Rose
    • 38Country Boy
    • 39Leave That Junk Alone
    • 40Doin' My Time
    • 41Country Boy
    • 42If The Good Lord's Willing
    • 43I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
    • 44I Heard That Lonesome Whistle Blow
    • 45I Was There When It Happened
    • 46Big River
    • 47Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
    • 48Ballad Of A Teenage Queen
    • 49Goodnight Irene
    • 50Come In Stranger
    • 51Guess Things Happen That Way
    • 52Guess Things Happen That Way
    • 53Guess Things Happen That Way
    • 54Oh Lonesome Me
    • 55Sugartime
    • 56Born To Lose
    • 57Born To Lose
    • 58Born To Lose
    • 59You're The Nearest Thing To Heaven
    • 60The Story Of A Broken Heart
    • 61The Story Of A Broken Heart
    • 62Always Alone
    • 63Always Alone
    • 64Always Alone
    • 65You Tell Me
    • 66You Tell Me
    • 67You Tell Me
    • 68You Win Again
    • 69You Win Again
    • 70I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
    • 71I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You
    • 72Hey Good Lookin'
    • 73Hey Good Lookin'
    • 74I Can't Help It
    • 75I Can't Help It
    • 76Cold Cold Heart
    • 77Cold Cold Heart
    • 78Katy Too
    • 79Katy Too
    • 80Katy Too
    • 81Katy Too
    • 82The Ways Of A Woman In Love
    • 83Fools Hall Of Fame
    • 84Fools Hall Of Fame
    • 85Thanks A Lot
    • 86Thanks A Lot
    • 87Thanks A Lot
    • 88Thanks A Lot
    • 89Thanks A Lot
    • 90Thanks A Lot
    • 91Thanks A Lot
    • 92Thanks A Lot
    • 93Thanks A Lot
    • 94Thanks A Lot
    • 95Thanks A Lot
    • 96It's Just About Time
    • 97It's Just About Time
    • 98It's Just About Time
    • 99It's Just About Time
    • 100It's Just About Time
    • 101It's Just About Time
    • 102I Forgot To Remember To Forget
    • 103I Forgot To Remember To Forget
    • 104I Forgot To Remember To Forget
    • 105I Forgot To Remember To Forget
    • 106I Just Thought You'd Like To Know
    • 107I Just Thought You'd Like To Know
    • 108I Just Thought You'd Like To Know
    • 109I Just Thought You'd Like To Know
    • 110Down The Street To 301
    • 111Down The Street To 301.

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