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    Hawkshaw Hawkins

    The Hawk 1953 - 1961 3-CD Boxed Set

    These days he is chiefly remembered as the guy who died in the plane crash with Patsy Cline, but throughout the 1950s Hawkshaw made excellent music and was just hitting his stride when he died in 1963. This is a complete edition of his 1950s RCA and Columbia recordings, and includes One White Horse, Car Hoppin' Mama, Ling Ting Tong, If It Ain't On The Menu, Put A Nickel In The Jukebox, Sunny Side Of The Mountain, and his hit Soldier's Joy. Hawkshaw was a great country singer, now tragically overlooked.


    • 1I'll Trade Your For Mine
    • 2A Heap Of Lovin'
    • 3The Mark 'Round Your Finger
    • 4The Long Way
    • 5When You Say Yes
    • 6I'll Take A Chance With You
    • 7I'll Never Close My Heart To You
    • 8Why Don't You Leave This Town
    • 9Rebound
    • 10One White Horse
    • 11I Wanna Be Hugged To Death By You
    • 12Why Didn't I Hear From You
    • 13Flashing Lights
    • 14Waitin' For My Baby
    • 15Ko Ko Mo
    • 16Ling Ting Tong
    • 17Pedro Gonzales Tennessee Lopez
    • 18How Could Anything So Pretty
    • 19Car Hoppin' Mama
    • 20The Love You Steal
    • 21Oh How I Cried
    • 22Borrowing
    • 23If It Ain't On The Menu
    • 24I Gotta Have You
    • 25Standing At The End Of Mend Of The World
    • 26I've Got It Again
    • 27Sunny Side Of The Mountain
    • 28You Just Stood There
    • 29Dark Moon
    • 30I'll Get Even With You
    • 31Guilty Of Dreaming
    • 32Are You Happy?
    • 33She Was Here
    • 34Freedom
    • 35It's Easier Said Than Done
    • 36Sensation
    • 37Ring On Your Finger
    • 38I've Got It Again
    • 39Freedom
    • 40It Would Be A Doggone Lie
    • 41My Fate Is In Your Hands
    • 42I'll Be Gone
    • 43The Best Of Company
    • 44Action
    • 45You Can't Find Happiness That Way
    • 46I Don't Apologize For Loving You
    • 47With This Pen
    • 48Thank You For Thinking Of Me
    • 49Twenty Miles From Shore
    • 50Big Ole Heartache
    • 51Big Red Benson
    • 52Soldier's Joy
    • 53Patanio
    • 54Alaska Lil And Texas Bill
    • 55Darkness On The Face Of The Earth
    • 56Put A Nickel In The Jukebox
    • 57I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye
    • 58No Love For Me
    • 59You Know Me Much Too Well
    • 60My Story
    • 61The Love I Have For You
    • 62Patanio Your Conscience.

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