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    Eddie Noack
    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    (3-CD set)

    Fans of hard-core honky tonk, hillbilly and 1950s rockabilly have waited years for this set.
    It contains every 1950s single by Texas Honky Tonk legend Eddie Noack, including alternate takes, taken directly from the master tapes (where they still exist).
    Many tracks here are released first time, whilst many others make their first appearance on CD.
    The accompanying booklet includes a wealth of vintage photographs and clippings, a newly researched biography, and a complete discography.



    • 1Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    • 2Triflin' Mama Blues
    • 3Pyramid Club
    • 4Simulated Diamonds
    • 5Hungry But Happy
    • 6Raindrops In The River
    • 7Frown On The Moon
    • 8Unlucky Me
    • 9Green Back Dollar
    • 10Tragic Love
    • 11I Can't Run Away
    • 12I'd Still Want You
    • 13Music Makin' Mama From Memphis
    • 14Please Mr. Postman
    • 15There's A Place In My Heart
    • 16I'm Going To See My Baby
    • 17Too Hot To Handle
    • 18How Does It Feel To Be A Winner
    • 19Nothing
    • 20First and Last Thing
    • 21Paul Jones
    • 22Pride
    • 23Spoken Message
    • 24Don't Worry 'Bout Me Baby
    • 25As Long As You Call
    • 26Forlorn Forgotten and Forsaken
    • 27Walking The Street
    • 28Simulated Diamonds
    • 29Moonlight On The Water
    • 30Hungry But Happy
    • 31Raindrops In The River
    • 32Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    • 33Unlucky Me
    • 34Fair Today Cold Tomorrow
    • 35Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    • 36Take It Away Lucky
    • 37Don't Trade
    • 38Left Over Lovin'
    • 39Don't Worry 'bout Me Baby
    • 40I'll Be So Good To You
    • 41Think Of Her Now
    • 42Wind Me Up
    • 43If It Ain't On The Menu
    • 44Me and My New Baby
    • 45The Life You've Lived
    • 46You Done Got Me
    • 47The Life You've Lived
    • 48If Hearts Could Talk
    • 49When The Bright Lights Grow Dim
    • 50Think Of Her Now
    • 51It Ain't Much But It's Home
    • 52For You I Weep
    • 53You Done Got Me
    • 54The Worm Has Turned
    • 55She Can't Stand The Light of Day
    • 56Think Of Her Now
    • 57Scarecrow
    • 58Dust On The River
    • 59What's The Matter Joe
    • 60Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
    • 61For You I Weep
    • 62Can You Answer To God?
    • 63Lucky In Cards
    • 64Mister Nice Guy
    • 65Six Feet Down
    • 66Relief Is Just A Swallow Away
    • 67Are You Really Here?
    • 68It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye
    • 69That Certain You Know What
    • 70Can't Play Hookey
    • 71My Steady Dream
    • 72Wonderin' Oakie
    • 73Have Blues Will Travel
    • 74The Price Of Love
    • 75Relief Is Just A Swallow Away
    • 76It's Hard To Tell An Old Love Goodbye
    • 77Love's Other Face
    • 78I Don't Live There Any More
    • 79Walk 'Em Off
    • 80The Man On The Wall
    • 81Shake Hands With The Blues
    • 82A Million Friends But No Sweetheart
    • 83Don't Look Behind
    • 84A Thinkin' Man's Woman A Lovin' Man's Girl
    • 85Shake Hands With The Blues
    • 86Sunflower Song
    • 87Too Weak To Go
    • 88Firewater Luke
    • 89The Price Of Love
    • 90The Same Old Mistakes
    • 91Invisible Stripes
    • 92So Funny I Could Cry
    • 93Shotgun House
    • 94I Slipped Out Of Heaven
    • 95Firewater Luke
    • 96Invisible Stripes
    • 97The Same Old Mistakes
    • 98Shotgun House
    • 99Where Do You Go When You Say Goodnight?
    • 100Love Is For Fools
    • 101The Life You've Lived
    • 102I Speak Your Name
    • 103The Same Old Mistakes
    • 104You've Got A Woman.

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