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    Gene Vincent
    The Outtakes 6-CD (Boxed Set)

    Here is something special that Gene Vincent fans have waited a long time for.
    Every known existing Gene Vincent out-take, most previously unissued, gathered together in a 6-CD set.
    This is the last known unissued Gene Vincent material.
    Presented in chronological order, and complete with a detailed 76-page booklet, we are presented with alternate and previously unheard takes of classics and favourites including Anna Annabelle, High Blood Pressure, Crazy Beat, Maybellene, Spaceship To Mars, King Of Fools, Temptation Baby and many many more.


    • 1Lonesome Boy
    • 2Lonesome Boy
    • 3Lonesome Boy
    • 4Lonesome Boy
    • 5Lonesome Boy
    • 6Lonesome Boy
    • 7You Are The One For Me
    • 8You Are The One For Me
    • 9You Are The One For Me
    • 10You Are The One For Me
    • 11You Are The One For Me
    • 12Beautiful Brown Eyes
    • 13Beautiful Brown Eyes
    • 14Beautiful Brown Eyes
    • 15Beautiful Brown Eyes
    • 16Beautiful Brown Eyes
    • 17Rip It Up
    • 18Rip It Up
    • 19Rip It Up
    • 20Rip It Up
    • 21Rip It Up
    • 22Rip It Up
    • 23Rip It Up
    • 24Rip It Up
    • 25Rip It Up
    • 26Maybelline
    • 27Maybelline
    • 28Maybelline
    • 29Maybelline
    • 30Maybelline
    • 31High Blood Pressure
    • 32High Blood Pressure
    • 33High Blood Pressure
    • 34High Blood Pressure
    • 35High Blood Pressure
    • 36Who's Pushing Your Swing?
    • 37Who's Pushing Your Swing?
    • 38Who's Pushing Your Swing?
    • 39Who's Pushing Your Swing?
    • 1Anna Annabelle
    • 2Anna Annabelle
    • 3Anna Annabelle
    • 4Anna Annabelle
    • 5Gone Gone Gone
    • 6Gone Gone Gone
    • 7Gone Gone Gone
    • 8Gone Gone Gone
    • 9Gone Gone Gone
    • 10I Might Have Known
    • 11I Might Have Known
    • 12I Might Have Known
    • 13I Might Have Known
    • 14I Might Have Known
    • 15I Might Have Known
    • 16I Might Have Known
    • 17Important Words
    • 18Important Words
    • 19Important Words
    • 20Important Words
    • 21Important Words
    • 22Important Words
    • 23Important Words
    • 24Important Words
    • 25Important Words
    • 26Crazy Beat
    • 27Crazy Beat
    • 28Crazy Beat
    • 29Crazy Beat
    • 30Crazy Beat
    • 31I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 32I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 33I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 34I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 35I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 36I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 37I'm Gonna Catch Me A Rat
    • 38It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 39It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 40It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 41It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 42It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 43It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 44It's Been Nice (Goodnight)
    • 1That's the Trouble With Love
    • 2That's the Trouble With Love
    • 3That's the Trouble With Love
    • 4That's the Trouble With Love
    • 5That's the Trouble With Love
    • 6That's the Trouble With Love
    • 7That's the Trouble With Love
    • 8That's the Trouble With Love
    • 9That's the Trouble With Love
    • 10That's the Trouble With Love
    • 11That's the Trouble With Love
    • 12That's the Trouble With Love
    • 13That's the Trouble With Love
    • 14That's the Trouble With Love
    • 15That's the Trouble With Love
    • 16That's the Trouble With Love
    • 17That's the Trouble With Love
    • 18Good Lovin'
    • 19Good Lovin'
    • 20Good Lovin'
    • 21Good Lovin'
    • 22Good Lovin'
    • 23Good Lovin'
    • 24Good Lovin'
    • 25Good Lovin'
    • 26Good Lovin'
    • 27Good Lovin'
    • 28Good Lovin'
    • 29Good Lovin'
    • 30Good Lovin'
    • 31Good Lovin'
    • 32Good Lovin'
    • 33Good Lovin'
    • 34Good Lovin'
    • 1Mister Loneliness
    • 2Mister Loneliness
    • 3Mister Loneliness
    • 4Mister Loneliness
    • 5Mister Loneliness
    • 6Mister Loneliness
    • 7Mister Loneliness
    • 8Mister Loneliness
    • 9Teardrops
    • 10Teardrops
    • 11Teardrops
    • 12Teardrops
    • 13Teardrops
    • 14Teardrops
    • 15Teardrops
    • 16Teardrops
    • 17Teardrops
    • 18Teardrops
    • 19Teardrops
    • 20Teardrops
    • 21Teardrops
    • 22Teardrops
    • 23Teardrops
    • 24Teardrops
    • 25Teardrops
    • 26If You Want My Lovin'
    • 27If You Want My Lovin'
    • 28If You Want My Lovin'
    • 29If You Want My Lovin'
    • 30If You Want My Lovin'
    • 31If You Want My Lovin'
    • 32If You Want My Lovin'
    • 33If You Want My Lovin'
    • 34If You Want My Lovin'
    • 35If You Want My Lovin'
    • 36If You Want My Lovin'
    • 37If You Want My Lovin'
    • 38If You Want My Lovin'
    • 1Spaceship To Mars
    • 2Spaceship To Mars
    • 3Spaceship To Mars
    • 4Spaceship To Mars
    • 5Spaceship To Mars
    • 6Spaceship To Mars
    • 7Spaceship To Mars
    • 8Spaceship To Mars
    • 9There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
    • 10There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
    • 11There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
    • 12There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
    • 13There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
    • 14There I Go Again (Whoops I'm Dreaming)
    • 15Spaceship To Mars
    • 16Spaceship To Mars
    • 17Spaceship To Mars
    • 18Spaceship To Mars
    • 19Spaceship To Mars
    • 20King Of Fools
    • 21King Of Fools
    • 22King Of Fools
    • 23King Of Fools
    • 24King Of Fools
    • 25You're Still In My Heart
    • 26You're Still In My Heart
    • 27You're Still In My Heart
    • 28You're Still In My Heart
    • 29Held For Questioning
    • 30Be Bop A Lula ('62)
    • 31Temptation Baby
    • 32Temptation Baby
    • 33Temptation Baby
    • 34Where Have You Been All My Life?
    • 35Where Have You Been All My Life?
    • 36Where Have You Been All My Life?
    • 37Where Have You Been All My Life?
    • 38Where Have You Been All My Life?
    • 39Where Have You Been All My Life?
    • 40The Beginning Of The End
    • 41The Beginning Of The End
    • 42The Beginning Of The End
    • 43The Beginning Of The End
    • 44The Beginning Of The End
    • 45The Beginning Of The End
    • 1Bird Doggin' (Intro)
    • 2Bird Doggin' (Intro)
    • 3Lonely Street
    • 4Lonely Street
    • 5Love Is A Bird
    • 6Love Is A Bird
    • 7Born To Be A Rolling Stone
    • 8Born To Be A Rolling Stone
    • 9Born To Be A Rolling Stone
    • 10Born To Be A Rolling Stone
    • 11Born To Be A Rolling Stone
    • 12Hurtin' For You Baby
    • 13Hurtin' For You Baby
    • 14Hi Lili Hi Lo
    • 15Hi Lili Hi Lo
    • 16Hi Lili Hi Lo
    • 17Hi Lili Hi Lo
    • 18Poor Man's Prison
    • 19Poor Man's Prison
    • 20Poor Man's Prison
    • 21Poor Man's Prison
    • 22Poor Man's Prison
    • 23I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
    • 24I'm A Lonesome Fugitive
    • 25I'm A Lonesome Fugitive

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