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    Early Rock 'n' Roll From New Zealand - Volumes 7 & 8' 2-CD

    Double CD packed with 54 early Rockers originating from New Zealand.

    Track listing:
    Morgan Clarke - Hawaiian Rock & Roll
    Morgan Clarke - Hawaiian Boogie
    Morgan Clarke - Haka Boogie
    Johnny Granger & The Rockabillys - I'm Sticking With You
    Morgan Clarke - Five Go Man Go
    Bob Paris - Rebel Rouser
    Jerry Merito - Short Fat Fanny
    Howard Morrison - Gum Drop
    Eddie Howell - Kansas City
    Bob Paris - Big Girl
    Bob Paris Combo - R-O-C-K
    Bob Paris Combo - Drag Strip
    Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers - The Girl In The Teddy Bear Coat
    Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers - Betty Lou's Got A New Pair Of Shoes
    Eddie Howell - I Need You Love Tonight
    Eddie Howell & The Rock-A-Byes - I'm A Man
    Eddie Howell & The Rock-A-Byes - Save My Soul
    Eddie Howell & The Rock-A-Byes - You Made Me Love You
    Owen Griffiths & The Rockettes - Out Of The Blue Gums
    Apaapa Sisters - Guess Things Happen That Way
    Apaapa Sisters - Mail Man Bring Me No More Blues
    Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers - Midnight Special
    The Buccaneers - Beatnik Fly
    Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers - Boston
    Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers - Blues Stay Away From Me
    Glyn Tucker & The Tornados - I'm In Love
    Glyn Tucker & The Tornados - Carol
    Eddie Howell & The Matonaires - Hippy Hippy Shake
    Eddie Howell & The Matonaires - Stuck On You
    Charlie Cough - Starlight Starbright
    Eddie Howell - Well, Don't You Know
    Owen Griffiths & The Rockettes - Swingin' School
    Apaapa Sisters - Train Of Love
    Rusty Greaves - Mule Skinner Blues
    Red Hewitt & The Buccaneers - Is A Blue Bird Blue?
    The Mystics - Phantom Train
    The Mystics - Panic
    Peter Posa - Guitar Boogie
    Peter Posa - Rebound
    Fia Chaplin - Twist With The Yeti
    The Kavaliers - Chocks Away
    Ray Columbus & The Invaders - Money Lover
    Graeme Bartlett - Dark Eyes
    The Invaders - Ku-Pow
    Rim D Paul & The Quin-Tikis - Poi Poi
    Dave Henry & The Sundowners - Ain't Got No
    Max Merritt & The Meteors - Soft Surfie
    The Invaders - Cats Eyes
    Jimmie Sloggett - Crossfire
    Jimmie Sloggett - Stompin' South
    The Sundowners - Keep A Knocking
    Graeme Barlett Combo - Roller-Coaster
    Gary Bayer - Gary's Tune
    Greame Bartlett - The Harem.


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