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    Lonnie Johnson
    Volume One - 1925-1929 4CD

    Four disc set packed with early recordings from legendary bluesman Lonnie Johnson - fully remastered for optimum sound.


    • 1Mr. Johnson's blues
    • 2Falling rain blues
    • 3Very lonesome blues
    • 4When I was lovin' changed my mind blues
    • 5Sun to sun blues
    • 6Bed of sand
    • 7Lonesome jail blues
    • 8No good blues
    • 9Newport blues
    • 10Love story blues
    • 11Nile of Genago
    • 12Five O'Clock blues
    • 13Johnson's trio blues
    • 14Woman changed my life
    • 15Lonnie's got the blues
    • 16Good old wagon
    • 17A good happy home
    • 18Baby you don't know my mind
    • 19I have no sweet woman now
    • 20You drove a good man away
    • 21Ball and chain blues
    • 22You don't see into the blues like me
    • 23There's no use of lovin'
    • 24Baby, please tell me
    • 25I'm gonna dodge the blues just wait and see
    • 1Oh doctor the blues
    • 2Sweet woman, see for yourself
    • 3To do this you got to know how
    • 4South bound water
    • 5Treat 'em right
    • 6Baby, please you will come home
    • 7I done tole you
    • 8Steppin' on the blues
    • 9A broken heart that never smiles
    • 10Black cat blues
    • 11A worried woman's blues
    • 12Supertitious blues
    • 13Cotton patch blues
    • 14Blackbird blues
    • 15Unkind mama
    • 16Four hands are better than two
    • 17Woke up with the blues in my fingers
    • 18Back water blues
    • 19I love you Mary Lou
    • 20Sweet woman you can go wrong
    • 21Mean old bed bug blues
    • 22Lonesome ghost blues
    • 23Fickle mama blues
    • 24Roaming rambler blues
    • 25Stay out of walnut street alley
    • 1St. Louis cyclone blues
    • 2Bed bug blues [Part 2]
    • 3688 glide
    • 4Tin can alley blues
    • 5Bittin' fleas blues
    • 6Live saver blues
    • 7Blue ghost blues
    • 8Keine Titelinformation
    • 9The St. Louis train kept passing by
    • 10When a man is treated like a dog
    • 11It's hot - Let it alone
    • 12Bearcat blues
    • 13Why should I grieve after you've gone
    • 14Low land moan
    • 15Sweet potato blues
    • 16Kansas City blues [Part 1]
    • 17Kansas City blues [Part 2]
    • 18Memphis stomp
    • 19Violin blues
    • 20Keghouse blues
    • 21Shiftin' my gear blues
    • 22Playing with the strings
    • 23Stompin' 'em along slow
    • 24Away down in the alley blues
    • 25Blues in G
    • 1I'm so tired of living all alone
    • 2Way down that lonesome road
    • 3Crowing rooster blues
    • 4Broken Leeve blues
    • 5Wrong woman blues
    • 6New black snake blues [Part 1]
    • 7New black snake blues [Part 2]
    • 8Toothache blues [Part 1]
    • 9Toothache blues [Part 2]
    • 10Furniture man blues [Part 1]
    • 11Furniture man blues [Part 2]
    • 12When you fall for someone who's not your own
    • 13Careless love
    • 14Two tone stomp
    • 15Have to change keys to play these blues
    • 16It feels so good [Part 1]
    • 17It feels so good [Part 2]
    • 18I wanna a little some o' that what you got
    • 19Death is on your track
    • 20Jet black blues
    • 21Blue blood blues
    • 22Guitar blues
    • 23A handfull of riffs
    • 24Blue guitars

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