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    Demented Are Go!
    Original Albums Collection
    (4 Disc Set)

    One of the great psychobilly bands, Demented Are Go blazed a furious trail through the 1980s with their increasingly rampant blend of rockabilly, punk rock and outsider instincts.
    This four disc set brings together their first four albums, originally issued on ID and Link Records, with a two show live film (including a recording from the Legendary Klub Foot).
    These albums continue to be in demand from new blood psychobilly fans and collectors alike, and the scene continues to thrive around the world.
    Includes the complete albums In Sickness and In Health, Kicked Out Of Hell, The Day The Earth Spat Blood and Live & Rockin', plus a DVD featuring two live shows.


    • 1Be Bop a Lula
    • 2Pervy in the Park
    • 3Busted Hyman
    • 4Holy Hack Jack
    • 5Frenzied Beat
    • 6Pickled and Preserved
    • 7Crazy Horses
    • 8Transvestite Blues
    • 9Rubber Buccaneer
    • 10Vibrate
    • 11Rubber Love
    • 12Nuke Mutants
    • 13PVC Chair
    • 14Don't Go Into the Woods
    • 1Satan's Rejects
    • 2Human Slug
    • 3Crippled in the Woods
    • 4Decomposition
    • 5Cast Iron Arm
    • 6Call of the Wired
    • 7Rubber Plimsoles
    • 8Shadow Crypt
    • 9Surf Ride to Oblivion
    • 10Old Black Joe
    • 11Sick Spasmoid
    • 12Vietnam
    • 13Jet Tone Boogie
    • 1Country Woman
    • 2Brain Damaged Chile
    • 3One Sharp Knife
    • 4Flight 103
    • 5Termite Man
    • 6Skitzoid Brain
    • 7Life's a Bitch
    • 8Now She's Dead
    • 9Holy Hack Jack
    • 10Human Slug
    • 11Surf Ride to Oblivion
    • 12One Sharp Knife
    • 13Rubber Rock
    • 14Busted Hyman
    • 15Be Bop a Lula
    • 16Pervy in the Park
    • 17Cripple in the Woods
    • 18Cast Iron Arm
    • 19Sick Spasmoid
    • 20Pvc Chair
    • 21Transvestite Blues
    • 22Anal Wonderland
    • 1Rubber Love
    • 2Be Bop a Lula
    • 3Pvc Chair
    • 4Vibrate
    • 5Midnight Blues
    • 6Do the Slug
    • 7Cast Iron Arm
    • 8Rubber Buccaneer
    • 9Pervy in the Park
    • 10Pickled and Preserved
    • 11Holy Hack Jack
    • 12Love Sleeps Like a Festering Sore
    • 13House of Blood
    • 14Queen of Disease
    • 15Call of the Wired
    • 16One Sharp Knife
    • 17Clitoris Bite Boogie
    • 18Zombie Stalk
    • 19Brand New Corpse
    • 20Mongaloid
    • 21Holy Hack Jack
    • 22Where You Gonna Go
    • 23Busted Hyman
    • 24Beast in the Cellar
    • 25PVC Chair
    • 26Nightlife
    • 27Surf Ride to Oblivion

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