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    Disc 1:
    When the Swallows Come Back to Capistrano - The Ink Spots
    Natchez Mississippi Blues - Lewis Bronzeville Five
    Paper Doll - Mills Brothers
    Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer - Four Vagabons
    Just for You - The Robins
    You Always Hurt the One You Love - The Dominoes
    I'm Living for You - The Striders
    In a Palace of Stone - The Toppers
    To Each His Own - The Five Keys
    I Sold My Heart to the Junk Man - Basin Street Boys
    That Chick's Too Young to Fry - Deep River Boys
    Bye Bye Baby Blues - The Ravens
    P.S. I Love You - Four Vagabonds
    Ol' Man River - The Ravens
    Near to You - Basin Street Boys
    Together - The Ravens
    Shorty's Got to Go - Bill Johnson
    Across the Alley From the Alamo - The Mills Brothers
    You're Breaking My Heart - The Ink Spots
    River Stay Away From My Door - The Syncopaters
    These Are the Things I Want to Share With You - The Syncopaters
    Loch Lomond - The Four Rockets
    White Christmas - The Ravens
    Milky Way White - The Trumpeteers
    Boogie Woogie on a Saturday Night - Steve Gibson & The Redcaps.

    Disc 2:
    It's Too Soon to Know - The Orioles
    Be I Bumble Bee or Not - The Orioles
    Will You Be Mine - The Ravens
    When I Leave These Prison Walls - The Swallows
    I'm Through - The Mills Brothers
    Careless Love - The Robins
    I'm Just a Fool in Love - The Ravens
    Eyesight to the Blind - The Orioles
    Dearest - The Swallows
    Someday - The Swallows
    Hold Me Squeeze Me - The Ravens
    School Girl Blues - The Orioles
    Wishing for You - The Ravens
    Darlin' - The Swallows
    I'm Gonna Take to the Road - Four Vagabonds
    If I Didn't Love You So - The Ravens
    What Are You Doing New Year's Eve - The Robins
    Since You've Been Away - The Orioles
    My Reverie - The Swallows
    Our Romance Is Over - The Robins
    If You Didn't Mean It - The Ravens
    I Miss You So - The Ravens
    Eternally - The Orioles
    There's Rain in My Eyes - The Swallows
    Coffee Cigarettes and Tears - The Larks.

    Disc 3:
    She's Gone - Dozier Boys
    Where Are You - Dozier Boys
    With a Broken Heart - The Five Keys
    Don't You Ever Mind Them - The Five Keys
    Don't Say You're Sorry Again - The Rivals
    Give Me One More Chance - The Rivals
    Shouldn't I Know - The Royals
    Do Something for Me - The Royals
    Too Late Baby - The Cardinals
    What Does It Matter? - The Five Keys
    Journey's End - The Mills Brothers
    I'd Rather Have You Under the Moon - Johnny Moore's Three Blazers
    Can't Get You off My Mind - Royal Sons Quintet
    Weeping Willow Blues - The Orioles
    You Captured My Heart - The Sultans
    Glory of Love - The Dominoes
    I'll Always Love You - The Cardinals
    Cool Saturday Night - The Five Keys
    Summertime Gal - The Cardinals
    I Am With You - Basin Street Boys
    I Don't Believe in Tomorrow - The Toppers
    Missing You - The Dominoes
    Christmas Is Coming at Last - Rhythm Kings
    These Things I Miss - The Four Blues
    As Long As I Live - The Rhythm Kings.

    Disc 4:
    Too Much of a Little Bit - The Royals
    Rockin' - The Four Blues
    Roll Roll Pretty Baby - The Swallows
    Fool Fool Fool - The Clovers
    I Ain't Fattening Frogs for Snakes - The Clovers
    If It's So - The Toppers
    Please Don't Leave Me - The Cardinals
    Rival Blues - The Rivals
    How Long Must I Wait for You - The Cardinals
    Buzz Buzz Buzz - The Rivals
    Don't You Know I Love You - The Clovers
    Hey Little Girl - The Treniers
    Old MacDonald - The Clovers
    Sixty Minute Man - The Dominoes
    Turkey Hop - The Dominoes
    That's What You're Doing to Me - The Ink Spots
    It Ain't the Meat - The Swallows
    Pretty Baby Blues - The Dominoes
    Ooh... It Feels So Good - The Swallows
    I'm Living O.K. - The Cardinals
    Chicken Blues - The Dominoes
    Hucklebuck With Jimmy - The Robins
    Tuscaloosa - The Dominoes
    Lemon Squeezing Daddy - The Five Keys
    Go Go Go - The Treniers.

    "The Dawn Of Doo Wop" in an amazing 4 CD collection featuring 100 magnificent tracks, and including a great 52-page booklet.  Featuring many legendary vocal groups and Rock 'n' Roll harmonizers including The Ravens, The Orioles, The Robins, The Larks, The Five Keys, The Dominoes, The Cardinals, The Rhythm Kings, The Clovers, Royalles, The Treniers and many more.


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