1: Jack Rabbit Slim : Despedida
The final album from Jack Rabbit Slim after being a top rockin' scene name from the past decade.
2: v.a. : Great British Rock 'n' Roll & Rockabilly Reunion
20 tracks of British Rockabilly & Rock 'n' Roll inc. Graham Fenton's Matchbox, Crazy Cavan, Freddie 'Fingers' Lee, The Jets etc
3 : Darrel Higham : Believe What You Hear
The rockabilly guitar man pays tribute to 1950s Rock 'n' Roll legend Ricky Nelson
4: The Stargazers : Carry On Jiving
A brand new studio album from the swinginest Rock 'n' Roll band of them all packed with brand new Stargazers originals.
5: Hot Boogie Chillun : 18 Reasons To Rock 'n' Roll
Rockabilly mixed with Garage Punk and Blues Bop, with a guest appearance Martine van Hoof of Sin Alley.
6: Charlie Hightone & Carlos Slap - Two Cats and The Bass
Two well-known names from the European rockin' scene team up for a bunch of great songs composed by Carlos.
7: Real Gone Tones - Backseat Bingo
A fantastic rockin' mix of rockabilly, rhythm’n’blues, swing and country on The Real Gone Tones' superb second album.
8 : Jackson Sloan - Radio Internationale
New album recorded with the finest swingin' musicians including The Good Fellas and The Velvet Candles.
9 : Jack Rabbit Slim : From The Waist Down + Hairdos & Heartaches
Two albums unavailable for the past few years re-issued a 2-albums-on-1 CD packed with 26 great rockin' tracks.
10 : Various Artists - Bo Diddley Blew My Mind
23 tracks inspired by Bo's beat performed The Bullets, Jack Rabbit Slim, Rusti Steel, Delta 88, El Camino and others.


1 : v.a. - Rockabilly Red Hot & Rare Volume 1 (10 CD set)
Ten disc set packed with 250 original 1950s rockin' tracks including Jerry Irby, Pat Cupp, Alvis Wayne, Glen Glenn, Art Adams etc.
2 : v.a. - British Rock 'n' Roll (4 CD set)
4 disc set gathering 100 of the best British Rock 'n' Roll recordings including Dickie Pride, Vince Taylor, Don Lang, Vince Eager etc.
3 : Mac Curtis - Singles Collection 1956-1965
A massive 33 track collection which covers all of Mac Curtis' singles released between 1956 and 1965.
4 : Kris Jensen - Torture
28 tracks including everything that Kris Jensen recorded between 1959 and 1962 for the Colpix, Leader, Kapp and Hickory labels.
5: Little Esther - Early Years 1950-1962 (4CD)
Four disc set presenting the original early recordings from Little Esther Phillips, fully remastered for optimum sound quality.
6: Memphis Minnie - Volume One (4CD)
Four disc set gathering the original recordings from legendary Blues singer and guitarist Memphis Minnie.
7 : Santo & Johnny - Essential Recordings
40 track double CD including the classic instrumental gem "Sleep Walk" along with all of their other hits and key recordings.
8 : Champion Jack Dupree - Essential Recordings
Superb double-disc set presenting all of The Champ’s key recordings, dating from 1941 through to 1961.
9 : Mickey & Sylvia - Love Is Strange
Double CD with 56 tracks by rock 'n' roll's greatest duo, Mickey & Sylvia, including every one of their US chart hits
10 : v.a. - Music City Blues & Rhythm
28 rarities from the Music City label - many released here for the first time! Inc Little Willie Littlefield, Alvin Smith, Chick Morris etc


1 : Guana Batz : Back To The Jungle
Brand new album from the psychobilly scene legends, their first studio album for 22 years!
2: P Paul Fenech : The F-Files
Fendermaster, founder and frontman of The Meteors released his tenth solo album.
3 : The Sin Kings : Chelsea Smile
Ferocious, hard edged but totally rockin' UK psychobilly trio present their brand new album.
4 : The Caravans : Gasoline and Gunfire
Fantastic new album from longstanding British Neo-Rockabilly/Psychobilly still very much on top of their game today.
5 : The Zipheads : Prehistoric Beat
Their debut album, originally self released in 2013, now remastered and featuring two new previously unreleased tracks.
6 : Teenage Zombies : Smoke & Mirrors
The brand new album from The Teenage Zombies brings you 14 deadly cuts if sizzling psychobilly with gruesome garage influences.
7 : The Sharks : Hooker
Released on limited edition coloured vinyl 10" to celebrate the 25th anniversary of these recordings.
8 : Surf Rats : Strange Things
British psychobilly band release their 4th studio album - 30 years on since their debut album "Trouble".
9 : Frantic Flintstones - Lunatics Are Ravin'
Studio recordings dating from 1992 - re-mastered and released as a blue vinyl limited edition 10" LP.
10 : King Kurt : Ooh Wallah Wallah
35th anniversary edition of their debut LP in transparent yellow vinyl, featuring the Top 40 hit "Destination Zululand".

Great British Rockabilly ReunionRockabilly Red HotSin Kings